This is a blog dedicated to the work that I do to bjd and also what is happening in my life.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I had to call out sick for school today... :( This week end I decided to get pretty drunk and the hang over lasted for 2 horrible days :( and still going on even now :'<

 On a side note, I got my Dremel bits in today. Also, the Soom Afi legs should be in tomorrow! Did I mention why I bought the Dremel bits? OH because I decided to keep the white skin littlefee body. I got a WS littlefee sleeping El elf Faceplate and I am going to mod the eyes open! I have done this 2 other times in the past with much more primitive tools. Luckily I bought everything I needed for this project! Also I bought some new tamiya high gloss for glossing lips and eyes and stuff. I think all I am missing now is just some higher quality color pencils :/ but I have 4$ that I have to save for shipping :'< 

I wish I could share the picture of the El that I photoshopped but I can't because of copy right issues :(. OHHH well. 
2 more weeks of school and I will be doing another practice faceup on my Long head. I need just 2 more faceups for me to start actual commissions and when I start I plan on half price for the first 10 victims.. Opps I mean doll faces :P Don't quote me on this! I need to make a living too!

Eh.... Well, off to look at fnny little sleeping sheepies on the webz. Here's a pic of the lovely Dylan studying like I should be doing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

AH! My sweet boy is almost complete. I just need his little hooves! (Soom Afi hooves!!) I also think he needs a new wig. I was thinking a leekeworld pale green wig. I would need to save around 34$ for that haha! I need a name for this cutie! I was thinking Aifee, Clover, or Lute! What do you think?

Friday, June 15, 2012

I did it! I finally made the time to get a face up done, make a toga, and apply his little clear ears! Oh happy days :3 not to just patiently wait for his legs that where sent Media Mail :< Shipped the wrong way... Oh well. Anywho, long day tomorrow Rhode Island is having the annual Gay Pride festival. I am not gay but I am a huge supporter! I am going to put my flags on and catch me some rainbows tomorrow!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

FOILED! The rain came :( I never got to do the face up I wanted to do on that lovely head. Oh well :( The 2 cans that i ordered luckily came in and it was a beautiful rainy day, (+ the garden needed it!) I got to cleaning my doll shelf a bit, and applied some eyelashes to my boyfriends doll, lucky guy has a Vampire Elf rolly littlefee! Totally cute!!!

I am hoping that I can find a dry enough place for me to be able to spray the Testors spray. it isn't as miraculous as MSC, sadly. Some odd reason MSC can be sprayed when its raining, at least very well on my porch. I have to say though, Volks ZM finishing spray UV is my top favorite!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Got a happy little tracking # for the MSC and Testors! I know its crazy late, but I'm in such a creative mood! I want to practice a face up on my floating head this week end. Maybe if i can find time between my cardiopulmonary studies :O ooh the fun :(
(face up from Dec.2011) By Sleepy.Sheepy.Dreams
Face ups! Time to get back into them! I need to start making my way back into the face-up scene! Haha! Just ordered 2 cans of MSC and testors dullcote, just need to get the gloss and color pencils. Wish me luck!